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More money-saving tips Cost-cutting tips for UK-JustDial Topup2Talk calls from a landline


Call at low rates

If you are using BT Together Option 1, 2 or 3, that means you can make the international calls for FREE or at a very low rate.

If you have free national/local calls from your home/office phone then you only pay outbound rate from 0.5p/min by using our Topup2Talk service.

When calling 020 7124 6666, you will be charged according to your service provider's standard rate, in addition to the outbound rate. Calls charged per minute and rounded to the nearest penny. Use the access number 020 7124 6666 if calling from a mobile which has inclusive free minutes as part of its contract, and equally if your home or office phone has free national/local calls. So you pay the outbound rate only!

For more information about using BT free minutes to make free or very low rate international calls, please check its website.

BT reserves the right to alter the BT Together option 1, 2, 3 national rates. Do check its website to get the correct rate before making calls. For using other BT options, NTL or other service providers, please check the national rates for the international call.

The next steps
Hopefully you're convinced. If you are, start to take advantage of the landline free minutes package and UK-JustDial Topup2Talk services to make international calls today.

So go on - Try UK-JustDial Topup2Talk now!

020 7124 6666 is a standard landline, so you only pay the outbound rates for international calls!


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